Always in Season

The Shamrock Flowers and Gifts

Always in Season

For over 30 years, The Shamrock Flowers and Gifts has created beautiful floral arrangements to suit large events and personal moments. They also provide a variety of gifts and seasonal décor.

The owner of The Shamrock, Scott Sunderland, said “People come here because they know we’re going to do a beautiful arrangement, we stand behind our products, and the quality of flowers will be premium.”

Most of The Shamrock’s fresh flowers are grown in South America and flown up to the States. Their floral designers are always keeping up on new trends in the flower industry. They can provide special arrangements for seasonal events, like wreaths during the holiday season and corsages/boutonnière for spring prom; they even provide flower arrangements for private events like weddings. The Shamrock is accessible online through their website and also delivers, but you’ll want to come down to The Shamrock for more than just flowers. People stop by for the atmosphere.

“People come in here because they like to feel the season,” Sunderland said.

The Shamrock is decorated to fit each season with ever-changing gifts, arrangements, colors and smells. Unique seasonal gifts make it a perfect place to shop for holidays or find themed presents. The Shamrock carries a variety of products from fashionable jewelry to scented candles and interior décor. The store is vibrantly colored, and dedicated staff are always there to help you find what you’re looking for.

Sunderland said that he has customers who have been returning for the last 30 years and has seen generations of families that still come through The Shamrock’s doors. Sunderland is dedicated to his customers and wants everyone’s experience to be a positive one.

Sunderland said, “We really are here because of our customers. I mean that’s what keeps us going and they totally appreciate us too.”

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