American Hero Adventures

American Hero Adventures

American Hero Adventures is an Oregon based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by Heroes, for Heroes, dedicated to providing our nation’s finest and their loved ones with adventures of a lifetime. We service five major groups of Heroes in this country; veterans, police, fire, EMS, and federal agents. Our goal is to incorporate family into the recreational rehabilitation of their Hero so that they may enjoy these adventures together and create lasting bonds and memories for the ages.

Our President/Founder, CPT(Ret) Troy R. Givens was gravely wounded in combat while serving in Afghanistan. During his many years of rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics throughout the country, Troy recognized that he would not have been able to accomplish his grueling tasks and therapy if it weren’t for his family’s unwavering support and drive. It is because of this that CPT(Ret) Givens has the passion and determination to see to it that our Heroes get to experience adventure in their lives once more.

American Hero Adventures caters to five groups of Heroes: Military, Police, Fire, EMS and Federal Agents. The reason for this is simple; together, we are a team protecting what is dearest to us all. Protecting our country, our freedom, our way of life is done both abroad and in our own backyard. Each of these five categories plays a crucial role in the team effort to protect, defend, and serve this great nation. Furthermore, this could not be accomplished without those individuals who are the support network and caregivers that devote themselves to those who are the American Heroes.

The mission of American Hero Adventures is simple; “Providing Our Nation’s Finest and Their Loved Ones with Adventures of a Lifetime”. It is all too common for Heroes that have been injured in the line of duty to fall prey to their injuries. This is not acceptable to our organization. Life is an adventure and should be lived as such. We aim to show our Heroes and their Loved Ones different adventures that will help them create lasting memories. We want our Heroes and their families to look back on and relive these adventures for the rest of their lives. And just as importantly, passing down these memories to their next generation will show their kids and grandkids that quitting is not an option. There are still adventures in life that we want our Heroes and their families to experience despite what they may have gone through.

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