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  • Best Hiking Trails Near Eugene
    Best Hiking Trails Near Eugene

    The Eugene area features some of the most scenic hiking spots in the Pacific Northwest. With plenty of greenery, flowing rivers, rushing waterfalls, and significant inclines, the wilderness outside Eugene is waiting to be explored.

  • Experience Oregon’s Wine Culture

    Oregon is known around the world for its craft beverage scene. Its breweries are second-to-none. Its coffee shops and cafes provide a trendy, antique ambiance that even Paris can’t beat. And then, there’s Oregon’s distinct wine culture.

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oregon Resource Guide is to provide a “high quality” advertising, public relations, and marketing experience designed to meet each of our client’s unique objectives by building long-term relationships based on trust. We strive to cultivate a family-style atmosphere among our clients and we aim to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our clients’ missions through valuable customer service. We place our clients first because when they succeed, we all succeed.


Featuring Local Businesses Throughout Oregon

We are in our twelfth year, featuring businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout Oregon, ranging from the Oregon Coast to the Cascades, Willamette Valley and Southern Oregon. Our free publication highlights the state’s resources and attractions for newcomers, local residents, and travelers. And, we continue to expand and add more businesses to our family. Oregon Resource Guide’s digital presence has dramatically expanded from increased traffic on our website, digital guides, and social media presence. We’ve added new books to our collection, including the Oregon Student Community Guide, which aims to connect University of Oregon students with the local business community as well as the Oregon Event & Wedding Guide.

Oregon is a wild, adventurous place that’s full of natural character. We want to encourage our readers to explore these new featured destinations because they provide quality experiences, which is why we added them to our list of exceptional service providers.

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We’ve Partnered With Over 1000 Businesses Throughout Oregon

Our staff wants your Oregon experience to be convenient and enjoyable, so Oregon Resource Guide partnered with over 1000 businesses, visitor centers, and chambers of commerce throughout the state. Our team utilizes each business service regularly, which allows us to produce an honest showcase built through personal experience. The relationships that we build with our advertisers make the selection process enjoyable and we only select the best.

Our guidebook will ease new adjustments and reinvigorate true Oregonian experiences for newcomers, longtime residents and travelers. Whether you’re new to Oregon, relocating within the state, or looking to explore your longtime neighborhood, we hope that you enjoy your experience and we encourage you to explore everything Oregon has to offer. Let the Oregon Resource Guide help you along your journey.