NorthRim Brew Pub

NorthRim Brew Pub

NorthRim Brew Pub
384 SW Upper Terrace Dr.
Bend, Oregon 97702

Located in Phoenix West office building off the lobby.

north-rim-brew-pubNorth Rim BrewPub is a family owned and run business.

Les Keele owns North Rim BrewPub which is currently transitioning from Rat Hole Brew Pub.  Les is a retired public school administrator and took on ownership of the pub in October 2014 from Rat Hole BrewPub, which was established in 2013.

Ken Deuser is Les’s brother-in-law and partner with ownership interest. Ken is a retired Navy Chief of 25 years in the U.S. Navy. Ken “experienced” many beers from around the world and believes in great beer at a brewpub.

Pub History

Established July 2013

We are currently transitioning from Rat Hole BrewPub to North Rim BrewPub.
We are still the same Great Team, Same Location, & Same Great Food, and Now, More Great Beer Choices from North Rim Brewing.  Our choice for fresh brewed beer here in Bend, Oregon.

A transition from Rat Hole Brewing’s a 2.5 bbl. System, to North Rim BrewPub a 10 bbl. system designed to provide Bend and the Great Northwest some of the freshest tasting brew around.

Rat Hole Brewing was a startup Nano Brewery in Central Oregon. We are a family owned operation that started as home brewing project eleven years ago.  We spent two years converting a “Rat Hole” of a barn into a Nano Brewery. The barn also had a 20,000 gal. cistern used to cool the wort and in jacketing our fermenters into the “Little Brewery That Could”.

Many years ago, Les’s sister Susan purchased a ‘Master Beer Kit’ for her husband Al.  Al began to tinker with brewing beer. He soon was hooked and the brewing moved from the kitchen, to the hallway, and soon the whole house was filled with carboys and the sounds of fermenting beer.

Al became very proficient at brewing small batch home brewed beer. He entered and won many awards in the State of Washington. After many visits to and from Seattle & Bend, a “few” pints of his beer and some convincing, Al agreed to move to Bend and pursue a new career as a brewer.

Al and Susan packed up their life in Seattle and moved to my ranch in Bend, Oregon and the journey for us began. Al and my other brother-in-law, Ken, spent many hours turning an old barn/storage shed (nickname: The Rat Hole) into a working 2.5-barrel brewery on Les’s ranch property. After two and a half years of permit applications, inspections, and growing pains, the first pint was ready for sale. Being located in a ‘farm use only’ area, we needed to find a place to showcase the beer. Our Old Mill location became available and The Rat Hole Brew Pub opened on July 16th, 2013.

It soon became obvious that the 2.5-barrel system wasn’t going to provide the inventory needed to keep the public happy. In October 2014, I took complete ownership of the pub.

Susan and Al opened the “Rat Hole Brewing” pub in Sunriver, Oregon in October 2015.  The Rat Hole brewery was located on Les’s ranch just outside Bend. In May 2016, Les sold the ranch after a year on the market. The Rat Hole brewery had to be moved to the Sunriver Rat Hole pub. Unfortunately, this caused an interruption in “beer flow”.  When it wasn’t clear when the brewery would be up and running

Les began looking for alternative breweries that could sustain the pub and still be associated with a brewery. Les came across North Rim Brewing which was established the same time as Rat Hole.  North Rim Brewing had not yet established a “brewpub’ or a “tap room”.  A working symbiotic relationship soon blossomed and we agreed to developed another pub.  We changed the name of Rat Hole BrewPub to North Rim BrewPub which allowed North Rim Brewing to have a presence in the pub industry.

We now offer 6-8 North Rim Brewing’s beers along with some seasonal beers in the mix. North Rim BrewPub also offers a variety of rotating ‘guest taps’ featured from throughout the Northwest.

So, come on in and “Go Off Trail” for a Great Ale experience !!

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