Oregon Resource Guide

The Oregon Resource Guide publishes semiannual magazines. Each magazine gears its focus toward new Oregon residents, veteran Oregonians, and out-of-state sightseers looking for new in-state adventures. We fill our pages with advertisers, in-depth articles about new hot spots and adventure opportunities. We distribute our magazines through hotels, visitor centers, restaurants, corporate offices, and other travel-friendly venues. Our collaboration with statewide chambers of commerce and visitor centers allows our publications to reach a wide audience and to ensure that our advertisers receive maximum exposure. We strive to give our clients a bold platform to display their bright qualities to newcomers, local residents, and travelers throughout the state so all readers will enjoy their Oregon experience to its fullest potential. We’re glad you’re here.

If you would like a copy of one of our Guides request one through our contact form.


Sally Johnson-Santamouro
Owner & Publisher

Sally has been involved in marketing and advertising for the past 25 years. She devotes her time and talents to publishing quality resources. She continues to promote her advertisers through the Guide, the web and social media. As owner and founder of the Oregon Resource Guide, she is the driving force and inspiration behind the exceptional quality of each printed book.

Vic Santamouro
Owner & Publisher

Vic and Sally were married in 2015. He recently retired after 28 years of service at the popular In-N-Out Burger in Southern California. Since their marriage he has relocated to Eugene, Oregon, where he now resides. He is enjoying being co-owner and publisher of the Oregon Resource Guide.

Tom Malone
Chief Editor

Tom earned his Journalism degree from University of Oregon and his Master’s degree from University of Portland. He is the author of Across Americana and other novels, contributes regularly to international publications, and owns an online magazine, The Adventure Tribune. Tom also teaches seventh-grade history and English and coaches lacrosse.

Tamberly Powell

Tamberly received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and her Master’s from Oregon State University. Happily married to Dustin, a fire captain with Eugene Springfield Fire, she is the mother of two wonderful daughters, Ashley and Kennedy. A registered dietitian, she teaches nutrition at Lane Community College.

JJ Walker
Art Director

JJ is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who has spent a lifetime immersed in multiple media of the fine and digital arts. As owner-operator of Pioneering Design, JJ continues to refine his craft.

Chris Patterson
Graphic Design

Chris Studied Graphic Design and illustration at the University of Central Oklahoma, and has more than 25 years in design.

Chris has designed advertisements that have been published in newspapers and nationally syndicated magazines. He has also found pleasure in creating Logos and Corporate Identities for companies of all sizes.

He enjoys working with established and startup companies to ensure that they have quality advertising and consistent branding.

Bill Xiarhos
Chief Financial Officer

Bill is the owner of Integrity Solutions. A University of Oregon graduate with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, Bill brings his experience as a multiple business owner to serve as Oregon Resource Guide’s CFO. His passion is to help businesses grow by sharing his knowledge and experience as a business owner. When not working, Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Daniel Smith

Daniel is a Montana native and graduate of Montana State University with a Professional Design degree, Graphic Design emphasis. He has devoted his career to fulfilling the needs of clients by offering creative design and marketing to corporations, startups, small businesses and nonprofits. He now resides in Bend, OR with his family and is excited to be serving clients in the Central Oregon area.

Jennifer James

Jennifer loves to create images that connect customers with businesses. With a background in magazine publishing, she has been producing imagery since the mid-1990s — capturing world travel, album covers, portraits and sporting events. At her Studio Sura, Jennifer specializes in business head shots that project confidence and approachability. Her many interests make her flexible in the way she approaches her work.


Alex is a senior at the University of Oregon where he studies human physiology and Spanish. His journey with photography started during a study abroad in Mexico and has only expanded in the years since. He now photographs portraits and weddings in the Eugene area where he has resided for the last three years. Alex strives to bring a personal touch to his images by incorporating a subject’s personality into the final photo.

Frank Clark
Sales Executive

I have been in Sales and Management for most of my adult life. I have been married for 52  years. We have three daughters.  Love My Life, My Wife, and our Girls.

Jackson Houdek
Sales Executive

Jackson Edward Houdek is an Advertising major at the University of Oregon. “I have worked with the University of Oregon’s Outdoor Program by creating video, flyers, social media and even leading an all-women’s mountain bike trip, to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors. I have a passion for action sports and bringing people together. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding and spending time outside with family, friends or sometimes just by myself. I am from a coastal town in Northern California called Half Moon Bay. I miss living by the ocean but Eugene has many wonderful qualities. I am very thankful to live in a city full of kind, creative people surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature in the world.”

Blake Henning
Media Specialist

Blake is a journalism major at the University of Oregon with a focus in reporting and newspaper editing, and a minor in English. He is currently working for Oregon Resource Guide with the hopes of improving his editorial work and multimedia skills. Blake’s goal is to help emphasize social media use and create well written articles for the magazine before heading back to school in the fall.

Carmelo Spatazza
Video Content Specialist

Carmelo originally hails from Orlando, Florida, but the writer/designer/videographer now calls Eugene (and the Oregon Resource Guide) home. With an extensive background in multimedia content development, production and marketing, he has collaborated on a variety of projects for clients including the Walt Disney Company and Electronic Arts, as well as numerous small businesses and startups over his 22-year career. He always looks to the horizon, seeking new storytelling solutions to help brands grow with exciting video content well into the future.

Century Seven
Web Development

Century Seven is a close-knit group of six designers that develops websites — and the various media that make them so effective — here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Century Seven creates sites and apps that are easy to use and splendid to look at. “With a team of passionate and dedicated designers, we can ensure our values of hard work, dedication and integrity are reflected in every project we take on. Together we can create amazing products.”